Opportunities Overseas



With over 10 countries to choose from, your future career path options are limitless. Our consultants will work with you to fit in at the right place.



Some Notable Universities
University of Sydney
University of Melbourne

The land down under provides ample opportunities to study and have fun. With several top international universities in its possession, Australia is one of the main choices of where to study overseas.


Some Notable Universities
National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
Peking University

With countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, Asia houses some of the best universities in the world - and its graduates have the competitive advantage in pursuing their dream jobs.

Europe and UK

Some Notable Universities
University of Cambridge
ETH Zurich
Imperial College London

Europe offers world-class education intermixed with a plethora of picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultures, making it a 'hotspot' for international students to study. 

America and Canada

Some Notable Universities
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Toronto

As a major superpower America is well-known for its quality institutions that has produced many skilled graduates in different industries. With its great quality of life, there's no reason not to go.